It is possible to grow big and to respect the society


Entrepreneurial Social Responsibility means that the company’s goal is not limited to make profit and financial benefit for the people that work for the company. It must also socially contribute for the environment. So, frequently, social responsibility requires special actions to promote culture and better living for the society.

Playvender Distribuidora strongly believes that entrepreneurial social responsibility happens when the company spontaneously decides to contribute for the community justice as well as for a clean environment.

Playvender carries on professional and technical activities to update its staff. It also takes part in relief programs in several organizations, together with suppliers and customers. Playvender assures basic living conditions to 600 children a the “Universidade do Futebol – The Football University”, at Tigres do Brazil Training Center.

Tigres do Brasil sponsorship

Football is style. Elegance. The large strides of the star towards the goal. Erected head. The volley. The bicycle kick. The heel kick. The plunge to reach the flying ball with the head, and the goalkeeper’s flight for a miraculous defense.

We were born in Rio, the State of Maracanã of so many stars that enchanted football lovers in Brazil and all over the world.

Tigres do Basil was born here, in this century, and it is in tune with our new days. It is time to think before doing, time for safe growth, time for the right step.

Playvender Distribuidora is proud to be part in the construction of that history by sponsoring athletes and young talents, thus contributing to form the future Brazilian citizen.

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