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On May 11th, 2016 (Wedneday), in a Playvender/Unilever partnership, a lecture took place with the great lecturerer Bernardo Rocha Rezende (Bernardinho).

Bernandinho offered Playvender’s team an amazing and very motivating speech, with a very interactive content, dealing with subjects such as: team work, leadership, motivation, discipline, concentration, perseverance, communication, behavior, goal statement and coaching.

Let’s talk a little bit about Bernardinho:

Economy graduated, Bernardinho is the personification of the Brazilian Volley School, that presently shows off the world leadership of such sport. He is unanimously known as a main symbols of Brazilian leadership.

As a player, Bernardinho was part of the so called “Silver Generation” which was responsible to turn volleyball so popular in Brazil, starting by the vice-championship in the 1982 World Championship, and then, at the Olympic Games, Los Angeles 1084.

For a brief of his participation on leading Brazilian Volleyball teams it’s enough to hear his own words: “In 28 tournaments with the female team we got 27 podiums. I undertook the male team on the second half of 2000. Since then, we were Olympic champions, world champions, penta with the World League, South-American Championship, besides some other tournaments we won. It’s difficult to be on top for so many years“.

In 2006,for the 4th time in five years,he was chosen as the best sports coach in Brazil, considering all sport events.

With all this success, alternating travels, training, and one and another trophy, Bernardinho maintains disputed lectures agenda all over Brazil. In his speeches he approaches subject like strategy, importance of discipline and commitment of each member of the team, besides principles to form and to administrate a great team.

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