A brief about Playvender's history.


By the end of the nineties, a sectional manager of a multinational group left the company and led a group of ex-coworkers for a new enterprise.

The wholesale/distributor sector that was introduced in this country by Europeans in the fifties, was reacting positively to the economic stability and to the strengthening of our currency. Together with the economic moment and the support of five industries that trusted our group and our philosophy of a differential service to the small store owners, in 1999 came Playvender, by joining the managing operating expertise and the tactics of big national and multinational companies. Consolidated companies were already operating in the new sector for over 40 years, sharing a market that was increasing over 20% per year, with over R$40 billion yearly turnover. The new group was highly focusing creativity, professionalism, right and frank decisions, with special care to differential service to each customer. The motto “a new concept in distribution” has ensured the company’s growth.

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